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  • Entering Wild Unicode in Vim

    Screenshot of a vi session showing the unicode PILE OF POO symbol

    This is what this post is about: being able to type PILE OF POO (a.k.a. U+1f4a9) in vim in…tuitively. For certain notions of intuition.

    As a veteran of writing texts in TeX, I've long tended to not bother with “interesting” characters (like the quotes I've just …

  • Quick RST Previews for Posts in Pelican

    In January, I described how I use this blog's engine, pelican, and how I have a “development” and a “production” site (where I will concede any time that it's exceedingly silly to talk about “production” in this context). Part of that was a trivial script,, that I would …

  • HTML and Word in mutt

    I read my mail using mutt, and even though I was severely tempted by astroid, mutt just works too nicely for me to make moving away an attractive proposition. And it is a fine piece of software. If you're still stuck with Thunderbird (let alone some webmail interface in the …

  • Big Brother Award: Wieder nicht cleverreach

    Ich will nicht ganz verhehlen, dass mich die diesjährigen Big Brother Awards ein klein wenig enttäuscht haben. Gewiss waren das alles verdiente Empfänger, aber mein Favorit war wieder mal nicht dabei. Dabei gebe ich den Leuten vom FoeBuD (ich verweigere mich der Umbenennung in digitalcourage aus reiner Nostalgie), dass dessen …

  • Taming a Synaptics Clickpad

    About the lamest component of my current machine, a Lenovo XP 240, is the touchpad. Well, it's actually a clickpad, i.e., a thing without real buttons that you can press to make mouse button clicks.

    Yes, this machine was designed at a time when everyone thought they had to …

  • Globaldokumente in Libreoffice zusammenführen

    Ich hatte gerade einer armen Seele zu helfen, die drei Bücher mit Microsoft Word für Windows geschrieben hat und dazu Word-Zentraldokumente verwendet hat, vor allem wohl, weil vor 20 Jahren – als diese Projekte starteten – Word nicht mit mehreren hundert Seiten auf einmal umgehen konnte. Unbenommen, dass mensch mit Office-Software keine …

  • Von Geburtstagen und /etc/papersize

    Ich bin ein stiller Fan des Debian-Pakets installation-birthday. Das hat mir vorhin eine Mail geschrieben:

    Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2022 11:04:11 +0200
    From: Anacron <root@hostname-withheld>
    To: root@hostname-withheld
    Subject: Anacron job 'cron.daily' on hostname-withheld
                      0   0
                      |   |
               0  |~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~|   0
               |  |           |   |
            ___ …
  • A Feedback Form in Pelican

    I realise that the great days of discussions on blogs are over, as Sam Hartman blogged the other day – at least for now. Still, I'd like to make it somewhat more straightforward to send me feedback on the posts here than having to get the contact address and dropping me …

  • View with Netsurf

    A screenshot of a browser window

    An early version of this post rendered in netsurf.

    I believe about the worst threat to software freedom these days are web browsers. That is not only because they already are, for many people out there, a more relevant applications platform than their primary operating system, and that almost everything …

  • Giving in to Network Effects

    In my first Fediverse notes, I mused that I'd choose a larger community if I had to choose again.

    Well, after watching the Fediverse for a little while, I figured that while I may not actually have to choose again, I really want to. My old community, …

  • 'Failed to reset ACL' with elogind: Why?

    As I've blogged the other day, I like having my machine's syslog on the screen background so I notice when the machine is unwell and generally have some idea what it thinks it is doing. That also makes me spot milder distress signals like:

    logind-uaccess-command[30337]: Failed to reset ACL …
  • Now on the Fediverse

    Mastodon logo

    AGPL (copyright)

    While I believe that RSS (or rather Atom a.k.a. RFC 4287) is a great standard for subscribing to media like blogs[1], I strongly suspect that virtually nobody pulls my RSS feed. I'm almost tempted to log for a while to ascertain that. Then …

  • Mutt says: “error encrypting data: Unusable public key”

    Today, I replied to an encypted mail, and right after the last “yes, go ahead, send this stuff already”, my mail client mutt showed an error:

    error encrypting data: Unusable public key

    Hu? What would “unusable” mean here? The message when all PGP keys are expired looks quite a bit …

  • Wakealarm: Device or resource busy

    The other day I wanted a box doing regular (like, daily) file system backups and really not much else to switch off while idle and then wake up for the next backup. Easy, I thought, install the nvram-wakeup package and that's it.

    Alas, nvram-backup mumbled something about an unsupported BIOS …

  • Inlining xs:include in XML Schema

    Screenshot: Fragmented XSD schema

    Please don't do it like this: for users of a schema, having to pull it in a dozen fragments is just pain and no gain. See below for a program that lets you heal this particular disease.

    While I'm a big fan of XML – which is governed by a very …

  • Explaining Tags in Pelican

    Right after I had celebrated the first anniversary of this blog with the post on my Pelican setup, I decided to write another plugin I've been planning to write for a while: This is for:

    Blog screenshot

    that is, including explanations in on pages for tags, telling people what the …

  • How I'm Using Pelican

    I started this blog on January 14th last year. To celebrate the anniversary, I thought I could show how I'm using pelican (the blog engine I'm using); perhaps it'll help other people using it or some other static blog generator.

    Posting and Writing

    First, I structure my content subdirectory (for …

  • Replacing root-tail when there is a compositor

    Since there hasn't been real snow around here this year until right this morning, I've been running xsnow off and on recently[1]. And that made me feel the lack of a compositor on my everyday desktop. Certainly, drop shadows and fading windows aren't all that necessary, but I've been …

  • Zu Fuß im Zug ins Netz


    Wer hinreichend Geduld und Kompetenz hat, bekommt in den Zügen von Go-Ahead am Ende so eine Seite vom Captive Portal.

    Zu den ärgerlichen Folgen des Irrsinns vom „geistigem Eigentum“ gehören Captive Portals, also Webseiten, auf die mensch in öffentlichen WLANs erstmal umgeleitet wird. Erst, wer Familienpackungen Javascript ausführen lässt und …

  • El-Cheapo Internationalisation in Pelican and Jinja

    This blog is mainly in German, but in particular computer-related posts I'm writing in (some version of) English, as I expect they might be useful and/or interesting to quite a few people who don't speak German. On the English-language pages, I was always a bit unhappy that the footers …

  • Fernseh-Livestreams mit Python und mpv

    Die Unsitte, alles in den Browser zu verlegen, ist ja schon aus einer Freiheitsperspektive zu verurteilen – „die Plattform“ gibt die Benutzerschnittstelle vor, kann die Software jederzeit abschalten und sieht (potenziell) noch den kleinsten Klick der NutzerIn (vgl. WWWorst App Store). Bei Mediatheken und Livestreams kommt noch dazu, dass videoabspielende Browser …

  • Fixing "No sandbox user" the Right Way

    I'm setting up an ancient machine – a Pentium M box with a meme 256 MB of RAM – with current Debian bullseye, and I'm impressed that that still works: this machine is almost 20 years old. Hats off to the Debian folks.

    But that's not really my story. Instead, this is …

  • Stemming for the Search Engine

    First off, here is a quick reference for the search syntax on this site (the search form links here):

    • Phrase searches ("this is a phrase")
    • Exclusions (-dontmatch)
    • Matches only when two words appear within 10 tokens of each other (matches NEAR appear)
    • Trailing wildcard as in file patterns (trail*)
    • Searches …
  • Moving Clipboard Content Between Displays and Machines with Xclip

    Since Corona started, I've had to occasionally run zoom and other questionable telecon software. I don't want that proprietary junk on my main machine, partly because I'm a raving Free software lunatic, partly because binary packages from commercial vendors outside of the Debian main repository have a way of blowing …

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