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  • Browsing Peace and Privacy With dnsmasq

    Screenshot of the dnsmasq extra configuration page in freetz

    You can even have the DNS-based adblocking discussed here in your whole network if your router runs dnsmasq (it probably does) and you can edit its configuration (you probably can't). As shown here, with freetz you can.

    I'm not a big fan of in-browser adblocking. For one, I have my …

  • What to do when github eats 100% CPU in luakit

    I can't help it: As probably just about every other programming life form on this planet I have to be on github now and then. Curse the network effect and all those taking part in it (which would by now include me).

    Anyway, that's why the last iteration of luakit …

  • View with Netsurf

    A screenshot of a browser window

    An early version of this post rendered in netsurf.

    I believe about the worst threat to software freedom these days are web browsers. That is not only because they already are, for many people out there, a more relevant applications platform than their primary operating system, and that almost everything …

  • Javascript Local Storage

    Es gibt eine große Zahl gruseliger APIs (also: „Kram, den ein Programm tun kann“) in modernem Javascript, von Sensor APIs (zur Abfrage von Beschleunigung und Orientierung des Geräts und des Umgebungslichts) bis Websocket (mit dem weitgehend beliebige Server dauernd mit dem Client reden können, und das auch noch „im Hintergrund …

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