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  • Von Geburtstagen und /etc/papersize

    Ich bin ein stiller Fan des Debian-Pakets installation-birthday. Das hat mir vorhin eine Mail geschrieben:

    Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2022 11:04:11 +0200
    From: Anacron <root@hostname-withheld>
    To: root@hostname-withheld
    Subject: Anacron job 'cron.daily' on hostname-withheld
                      0   0
                      |   |
               0  |~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~|   0
               |  |           |   |
            ___ …
  • View with Netsurf

    A screenshot of a browser window

    An early version of this post rendered in netsurf.

    I believe about the worst threat to software freedom these days are web browsers. That is not only because they already are, for many people out there, a more relevant applications platform than their primary operating system, and that almost everything …

  • 'Failed to reset ACL' with elogind: Why?

    As I've blogged the other day, I like having my machine's syslog on the screen background so I notice when the machine is unwell and generally have some idea what it thinks it is doing. That also makes me spot milder distress signals like:

    logind-uaccess-command[30337]: Failed to reset ACL …
  • Now on the Fediverse

    Mastodon logo

    AGPL (copyright)

    While I believe that RSS (or rather Atom a.k.a. RFC 4287) is a great standard for subscribing to media like blogs[1], I strongly suspect that virtually nobody pulls my RSS feed. I'm almost tempted to log for a while to ascertain that. Then …

  • Fixing "No sandbox user" the Right Way

    I'm setting up an ancient machine – a Pentium M box with a meme 256 MB of RAM – with current Debian bullseye, and I'm impressed that that still works: this machine is almost 20 years old. Hats off to the Debian folks.

    But that's not really my story. Instead, this is …

  • Moving Clipboard Content Between Displays and Machines with Xclip

    Since Corona started, I've had to occasionally run zoom and other questionable telecon software. I don't want that proprietary junk on my main machine, partly because I'm a raving Free software lunatic, partly because binary packages from commercial vendors outside of the Debian main repository have a way of blowing …

  • Bluetooth tethering with a 2021 Debian

    The other day the cage that holds the SIM card for the wireless modem of my Lenovo X240 rotted away. Fixing this (provided that's even reasonable, which I'm not sure about) requires digging quite a bit deeper into the machine than I consider proportional for something I use less than …

  • udev, thinkpad docks, sawfish

    The other day someone gave me another dock for my thinkpad, and I eventually decided to use it at home. I've had a dock at the office for a long time, and docking there involved running a complex script configuring the network environment, running a window manager on some display …

  • Upgraded to bullseye

    I've upgraded my personal notebook – with a file system that has a continuous history back to a slackware in 1996 and thus always is the most rewarding thing to test upgrades on – to Debian bullseye today.

    It's been a while since the last dist-upgrade messed up my X or rendered …

  • A Mail Server on Debian

    After decades of (essentially) using other people's smarthosts to send mail, I have recently needed to run a full-blown, deliver-to-the-world mail server (cf. Das Fürchten lernen; it's in German, though).

    While I had expected this to be a major nightmare, it turns out it's not so bad at all. Therefore …

  • Perhaps I should be moving to gentoo

    I'm reading PDFs quite a bit, most of them in my beloved zathura. So, I was dismayed when today I paged through a book that showed in zathura as on the left side of this figure:

    Renderings of a PDF in poppler and mupdf.

    The metrics are off so badly that readability suffers.

    Rather than try to fix …

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