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This tag collects solutions to computer problems by diagnostics that programmes emit. Since I'm entering error messages into search engines a lot more often than I care to admit, this is part of me giving back. And since these search engines are international, articles with this tag are generally in English.

  • 'Failed to reset ACL' with elogind: Why?

    As I've blogged the other day, I like having my machine's syslog on the screen background so I notice when the machine is unwell and generally have some idea what it thinks it is doing. That also makes me spot milder distress signals like:

    logind-uaccess-command[30337]: Failed to reset ACL …
  • Mutt says: “error encrypting data: Unusable public key”

    Today, I replied to an encypted mail, and right after the last “yes, go ahead, send this stuff already”, my mail client mutt showed an error:

    error encrypting data: Unusable public key

    Hu? What would “unusable” mean here? The message when all PGP keys are expired looks quite a bit …

  • Wakealarm: Device or resource busy

    The other day I wanted a box doing regular (like, daily) file system backups and really not much else to switch off while idle and then wake up for the next backup. Easy, I thought, install the nvram-wakeup package and that's it.

    Alas, nvram-backup mumbled something about an unsupported BIOS …

  • Fixing "No sandbox user" the Right Way

    I'm setting up an ancient machine – a Pentium M box with a meme 256 MB of RAM – with current Debian bullseye, and I'm impressed that that still works: this machine is almost 20 years old. Hats off to the Debian folks.

    But that's not really my story. Instead, this is …

  • Mailman3: "Cannot connect to SMTP server localhost on port 25"

    I've been a fairly happy mailman user for about 20 years, and I ran mailman installations for about a decade in the 2000s.

    Over the last week or so, I've spent more time setting up a mailman3 list off and on than I've spent with mailman guts in all the …

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