Rekursives 419: Ein brillianter Betrugsversuch

Screenshot: Mail mit 'I am a banker'

Ich glaube, jedeR hat irgendwelche dunklen Marotten, die normalen Menschen eigentlich peinlich sind. Ich zum Beispiel bin ein großer Fan der Nigeria-Connection, etwas korrekter Vorschussbetrug oder ähnlich inkorrekt (weil auch auf Nigeria bezogen) 419er-Mails genannt. Ich verfüge, ich gestehe es, ohne rot zu werden, über eine 12 Megabyte umfassende Sammlung handverlesener einschlägiger Mails aus den letzten 20 Jahren, die ich bei Interesse gerne für wissenschaftliche oder andere Untersuchungen zur Verfügung stelle.

Heute kam nun eine besondere Perle: Ein 419er-Scam, der Opfern anderer 419er-Scams Hilfe anempfiehlt, natürlich gegen eine kleine Gebühr. Fantastisch. Wer könnte ein dankbareres Opfer für diese Sorte von Betrug sein als jemand, der/die schon mal auf sowas reingefallen ist? In meiner Begeisterung über die selbstbezügliche Genialität dieses Kozepts missachte ich eventuelle Urheberrechte und reproduziere hier die ganze Mail:

Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2022 10:32:57 +0100
From: William Christian <>
To: undisclosed-recipients:

Hi my friend,

I must apologize for this spontaneous email to you. I am aware of this is certainly not a conservative way of approaching you, but you will understand the need for my action thought It’s true we don’t know each other, but “I” think you need to hear this truth to protect yourself from being defrauded.

I am Williams Christian, from , I was one of the Victims in Africa by some individuals whom I contacted to help me get my Inheritance Funds, but they all took advantage of me and left me a Bankrupt, I have tried in different ways to get my payment but all to know avail, I lost my life savings to different FAKE groups that claimed to be working in Banks like CBN Bank, Zenith bank, UBA, First bank etc. and many others thinking they were helping me, but rather, they were busy defrauding my hard earned money, I am very sorry telling my past, but I think there are many innocent people out there too that need this message.

Honestly I wouldn't want anybody to experience what I went through in the hands of those crooks scammers, I lost all my friends because I refused to listen to their advice, simply because I thought I was on the right part without knowing I was dealing with scammers,

But the good news today is that God has finally remembered me, few weeks ago I received a mail from a unknown person, a man in the state of Arizona advising me to contact one senior and professional attorney Mr Femi Falana, He is a Nigerian international lawyer and human rights activist whose law firm is made up of UK/Nigerian qualified solicitor and renders commercial legal services in due diligence, corporate investigation and trade secrets, immigration, intellectual property etc.

He actually helped me in Nigeria in other west African countries to claim my lost funds and if I have not gotten mine I wouldn’t have bothered to advice another person, although at the beginning ,I thought it was another trick to scam me, but two weeks I decided to give it a try by contacting the attorney using email address provided, and to my greatest surprise it happened to be 100% real and I got my lost funds.

Of course, I promised myself never to share my testimony/news until I receive my fund and then be convinced enough before letting people know, and Today I am now writing with joy to advise us all to STOP feeding scammers out there and contact this attorney on the email below if you haven’t claimed your lost money yet,

Although, you may be wondering how I got my funds without paying a cent, yes I paid little money to the attorney which is normal to secure a some documents including permit certificate in my name of which I have the copy on file, but my advice to you is to STOP dealing with those scammers and contact this senior attorney to claim all your lost funds, his email address ID and phone number are( (+2348145880372)

I encourage you to contact him for your own money and he will help you get it because I am a living testimony.

Yours Sincerely
William Christian

Gut: Stilistisch reicht es jetzt nicht ganz zum Literaturnobelpreis. Aber William Christian sollte, finde ich, zumindest den Münchhausen-Preis der Stadt Bordenwerder erhalten, denn der soll „Personen mit besonderer Begabung in Darstellungs- und Redekunst, Fantasie und Satire“ auszeichnen. All of the above.

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